Monday, 9 December 2013

NerdBux Recommends a new Site - Owned by Timtech Partners

Hello all,

Nerdbux today shaked the whole industry by emailing all its members about a new Paid to click launched by their partners. They Suggested that this site is going to be another nerdbux and they are helping to get it established.

As this news spread online, the site's hosting crashed soon after this mail, giving the new site 10k members in just a mere 24 hours time. This is the power of trust in nerdbux.

Join the site from the banner below

Here is the mail sent by nerdbux

Hiya XXX ,
We've got a huge announcement today and we're very excited to let you in on something very special..
A brand new PTC is launching right now that is from one of our trusted partners,LegacyClix!
We have never gotten behind a new PTC and we're honored to help launch this new program...
This is going to be a HUGE PTC!
Please note: The LegacyClix team has a brand new look and design that will be set up tomorrow, we're letting you know about this before ANYONE else in the industry!
Join today and get ready to experience a brand new standard in PTC advertising!
Enjoy LegacyClix!

Best of Luck! 

1 comment:

  1. nerbbux is a scam, I joined legacy clicks, and I could only up grade for a year, and I did. better than doing a lifetime upgrade like I did at nerdbux now I regret it. Legacy is starting to have problems. the referrals I rented are crap and I am sure most of them are bots. not really recommending this site.